JF Hillebrand and Feminalise: women and wine internationally

It is not by coincidence if JF Hillebrand, an international service provider specialized in the logistics of beer, wine and spirits, has been supporting Féminalise for 3 years now.

7 out of 10 JF Hillebrand France’s employees … are women

The company is composed of 250 women with a profile as varied as the wine, beer and spirits logistics chain allows: export services, customs, warehousing, transport, finance, IT or sales, each find their place.

“The feminization observed these last years in the wine market and all the associated areas explains the important part of women in our company” analyses Claire-Marie Oudet, Human Resources Manager.
“For example, when we meet international business schools, classes are made up of women. That’s why we have more female than male candidates.”

Within the Executive Board, 4 out of 6 directors are women.

“Our French customers are mainly women, and our internal workforce is also largely feminine, like our Executive Board. Our company reflects the French wine sector, with women increasingly present, particularly in decision-making positions” explains Carole Walter, Warehousing and Transport Director.

Infographics – Women and JF Hillebrand

JF Hillebrand France takes part in Féminalise panel

Beyond their knowledge about wine export techniques and regulations, JF Hillebrand France women are also informed wine tasters. Thanks to their training or passion, they are used to participating in wine tasting panels.

Last year, 16 JF Hillebrand France tasters had the opportunity to (re)discover Feminalise competition, by becoming members of the panel.

JF Hillebrand France, official logistics partner of Féminalise

JF Hillebrand supports foreign participating producers by offering preferential shipping rates for the export of their wines to France. It also enables them to take advantage of JF Hillebrand Group international network expertise.
French producers can drop off the wines they wish to present at the competition at any one of the JF Hillebrand France warehouses.

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