Concours des FEMINALISE Beaune

Les vins qu'on aime

le 19/04/2012 au Palais des Congrès de Beaune

Feminalise – an original concept, idea and wine tasting competition.
Wines which are only tasted by women.

Once a year, the Feminalise wine tasters, all wine industry professionals or wine lovers, come together to taste more than 4000 wines of France. At the end of the competition, the best wines receive a Feminalise Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. The winning producers can then stamp their bottles with the awarded medal, a mark of quality for buyers.

A New Concept:Wine selected just for the Female Palate


Didier Martin, the founder of the event, has over 20 years experience in organising wine competitions. This has given him a unique view of the economic impact that women are having on the world of wine. Therefore in 2007 he developed the idea of setting up the Feminalise Wine Competition.

Why women?

Women now occupy a very important place in the world of wine. In the major wine consuming countries (France, Germany, the USA and so on) more than 70% of women buy wine for the household. With an ever increasing amount on offer, the Feminalise Medal serves as a reference point to guide these new female buyers and consumers. A large number of women are now making their presence felt in the wine profession as oenologists, wine growers, wine waiters, cellar managers and so on. Women have nothing left to prove when it comes to wine tasting. They simply find it pleasurable to recognise and appreciate wines of quality.

Optimum wine tasting conditions


- Wines are exclusively tasted by female wine industry professionals or wine lovers who know how to appreciate all the styles and local characteristics of the various wine growing regions of France.

- Every wine is tasted by 3 women at different tables which are kept well away from each other.

- About 20 wines are tasted to stimulate the senses without tiring out the palate.

- Wines presented and served by the wine waiters are tasted blind. Bottles are held in an opaque sleeve to hide the label.

- The tasters are all familiar with the typical regional characteristics of French wines.

- Each one tastes a different wine to her neighbour so there can’t be any cross influence or communication. Tasting is performed in complete silence, so perfect concentration and harmony reigns for the best result.

A Feminalise Medal: A Mark of Quality


You can recognise winning wines by the Feminalise Medal on the bottles. Every year, the best wines from the tasting receive a Feminalise Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. This means that each year more than 7 million medals adorn a winning bottle.

Purchasing a bottle bearing the Feminalise Medal is a mark of trust in the female wine professionals who have selected the best wines of France for you.
Purchasing a bottle bearing the Feminalise Medal guarantees you’re buying a wine which women liked and which was not just designed for the male palate.

All our medals are printed using a micro-engraving procedure to prevent copying.