Why women ? The Feminalise World Wine Competition is a strong concept: wines from all over the world, tasted by an exclusively feminine jury.

Didier Martin, after 30 years of experience as wine competitions host, witnessed the great impact women had on the Wine industry. The Wine industry, an increasingly feminine business. More and more women choose to pursue a professional career in wine and viticulture. In 2010, the average proportion of women in wine-making trainings was 19%. In 2017, […]

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Feminalise Wine Tasting Competition A unique and optimal tasting system, designed in the utmost respect for your wines.

Professional women tasters from all over the world Importers, traders, wine merchants, journalists, sommeliers… Our women tasters are selected among actors of the wine sector, based on their tasting skills. They are all, without exception, wise professionals. A unique tasting system Each wine is tasted by 3 women, seated at distant tables. It is therefore […]

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Sans titre

Zoom on exportation: the Feminalise Competition opens a whole new world of opportunities for international sales!

Lan XU, Vice-Présidente of Mottox INC This year, Lan XU, who is Chinese and speaks three languages, is Honorary President of the Feminalise World Wine Tasting Competition. Mottox INC is one of the world leaders in Wine trading. With 155 employees, it has an estimated turnover of $92 millions. Professional women tasters from all over the world […]

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Akiko Tomoda

Féminalise with the honor in front of more than 1000 Japanese tasters

Ms. Tomoda, founder of sake jo no kai, an association that brings together more than 1,000 wine professionals in Japan, organized a major conference on September 7 in Tokyo. This event brought together 220 people including 70 journalists and prominent figures such as Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo. This was the occasion to reward the […]

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