The Feminalise World Wine Competition,
a unique concept

The world's largest wine-sakes-spirits competition exclusively tasted by women.

Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of April 2023

edition 2023 : Les inscriptions sont terminées.

Feminalise, it’s :

Professional and
wines lovers tasters

tasting conditions

Communication tools for the
award-winning producers

A story of men dedicated to women and wines

Feminalise, is a concept, an idea, an original and international winse, sakes, spirits competition that has become unmissable.
All world wines/sakes/spirits are exclusively tasted by professionals or wine lovers women.
A proven know-how of more than 35 years in the organization of competitions and events for professionals has enabled Didier Martin, the founder, to see and believe in the power and importance of women in the evolution of the sector. The competition celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2022!

Why women ?

Women have taken a very important place in the world of wine. In major wine-consuming countries (France, Germany, USA, etc.), more than 70% of wine purchases are made by women. In the maze of an increasingly substantial commercial offer, the Feminalise medal is becoming a point of reference for end consumers!

Optimal tasting conditions

Shipped by double temperature refrigirated truck

Served at temperature, opening of the bottles the morning of the competition... premium tasting glasses.

Each sample is tasted by three women seated at tables placed apart from each other, no influences, no commentaries are possible.

Recognizable medals

Every year, Feminalise awards GOLD and SILVER medals as a benchmark for quality, discovery and pleasure in the choice of wines for the end consumer.
The medals are MADE IN FRANCE and thanks to a new secure holographic gilding technology, with multi-level curve, the medal is brighter and better protected.

A growing success
Feminalise in 2022


Tasted products