Competition overview

A tasting where nothing is left to chance

Présentation Féminalise

The Feminalise Worldwide Competition has enjoyed growing success since its creation, with an average of 4,000 samples submitted in recent years.

In 2015, the Competition continues its development by going global.

In 2022, the spirit category enter to the competition.

In 2024, the beer and cider categories join the competition.

Opening to the beers and ciders/perries

Opening to the spirits category

  • Honorary president: Margot Ducancel, France’s N°1 wine influencer, founder of Rouge aux Lèvres, a wine and champagne media specialist, wine events agency and 100% women’s tasting club.
  • Honorary president: Julia Scavo, sommelier. Winner of the national sommelier trophy Romania 2018, winner of the Master of port competition 2017 (first woman to win this competition) and 3rd at the best sommelier of Europe and Africa 2017. 7th place in the 2019 World’s Best Sommelier competition.
  • Honorary president: Lan Xu , vice-president of Mottox INC, China
  • Honorary president: Master Akiko Tomoda, wine and sake sommelier, lecturer and consultant to numerous organizations, importers, hotels and restaurants in Japan, President of the Association of Japanese Women Wine and Sake Lo
  • Honorary president: Ludivine Griveau, 1st woman winemaker of the Hospices de Beaune

The competition goes worldwide

  • Honorary president: Sophie Broustal, actress
  • Honorary president: Fanny Couttencon, actress
  • Honorary president: Armelle Deutsch, actress
  • Honorary president: Elsa Kikoïne, actress
  • Honorary president: Anne Caillon, actress
  • Honorary president: Machal Meril, actress
  • Honorary president: Laëtitia Bleger, actress
  • Honorary president: Eva Darlan, actress
Médailles Féminalise

Why submit your samples to Feminalise?

Wine and spirit industry professionals

Feminalise tasters come from all the world a,d are all industry professionals or wines/spirit lovers. They are selected on the basis of their tasting skills.

Optimal conditions

Samples are blind tasted, served by the glass at the ideal temperature. They are tasted by three women at three different tables, so no influence is possible. They are tasted in a specific order to guarantee optimal results and scoring via an app specially created by Feminalise.

A quality benchmark

A Feminalise medal is a recognized sales tool, a guarantee of quality that is easily worldwide identifiable.

An international reputation

International promotion of the awards samples thanks to our media partners (Rayon-Boissons, Vistisphère, Mon Viti) and our network of worldwide ambassadors.

Sales support tools

Customizable promotional tools for your medal-winning samples: diplomas, posters, videos etc.


The Feminalise competition is open to all producers, cooperative wineries, traders, importers, distillers, brewers and cider-makers of wines, sakes, spirits, beers and ciders from all over the world.

The competition is open to 2023 and earlier vintages from vineyards all over the world. Each samples must comply with European regulations and the regulations in force in the country of origin.

As part of the new regulations governing wine competitions in France, the Feminalise competition has been included on the official list of competitions whose medals may appear on wine labels (BOCCRF of September 13, 2013).