The Feminalise awards

Among the 2 awards presented at the Concours des Feminalise, do you know the “Coup de Coeur” awarded to some of the gold medals?


The “Coup de Coeur” is a special distinction awarded to a wine / sake / spirit / beer / cider / perry chosen from among the competition winners. This product is selected for its exceptional quality and unique character, which won over the members of the jury.


It is a sample with 2 scores of 17 or above.

It is then tasted again within a quarter of an hour, in a different room, by an independent panel of professional judges, to confirm or deny the award.


The “Coup de Coeur” is therefore an additional recognition for the producers, who see their work rewarded in a particularly rewarding way.


A few figures: 112 “Coup de Coeur” awards were presented for the 2023 edition:


108 “coups de coeur” in the “Wines and Sakes” category. Best score: 19.67

4 “Coup de coeur” in the “Spirits” category. Best score: 17.33

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