Our 2024 partners ! Part 1

concours_des_feminalise is delighted to present some of its partners for the 2024 edition!

We’d like to thank them warmly for their collaboration and their contribution to the success of our prestigious wine, sake, spirits, beer, cider and perry tasting competition.

More than a relationship of trust, it’s a loyalty that has grown over the years.

Many thanks to them! We hope to have them by our side for many years to come.

To begin, we’d like to introduce you to :

– @adt.solutions: Specialists in 3D printing, cutting, laser engraving, signage, design, product creation and personalization;
– @allwinestories: Greek agency specializing in wine-related communications;
– @aveineofficiel: First connected wine aerator.
– Arnaud Valour Consulting: Marketing and international support, training and conferences.

Find out more about our partners: https://www.feminalise.com/partenaires/

Partenaires 2024